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VMN Music™

VMN Music™ is an online streaming and interactive platform that showcases all genres of music – from classics to the newest sounds of indie and major recording artists.

It draws together an online community through a shared love of music and entertainment and gives artists the chance to interact with their followers. With an expansive music library and an endless array to choose from, audiences are treated to a variety of music for free! Also playing host to podcasts, live radio stations, the juiciest and freshest stories of all the artists we know and love, VMN Music makes an all-around channel for everything music and entertainment.


VMN Spotlight for Artists is dedicated to discovering new talents in music. VMN Spotlight for Artists offers multiple avenues for music promotion across all genres to boost record sales, streaming revenue, the ability to sell your tunes, radio airplay, music discovery, and social media awareness. We create a buzz around your music using special #spotlight-Tags.

VMN Store - The #1 online store for stylish, trendy apparel, and music inspired merchandise of all kinds.

125K+ Users

VMN Music reaches more than 125K+ monthly listeners, blog readers, subscribers, and online store visitors combined.

12.6M+ Tracks

With a catalogue of more than 12 million tracks and counting, VMN Music is growing steadily.

157 Countries

VMN Music boasts clients and users in over 157 countries around the world.

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