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VMN Music™

VMN Music™ is a music streaming and interactive platform dedicated to discovering new talents in music and giving them the well-deserved exposure they need, in order to make their music heard all over the world. It showcases all genres of music – from classics to the newest sounds; of new artists to industry greats - and offers artists and listeners a unique and exciting experience using its interactive platform.


It draws together an online community through a shared love of music and entertainment and gives artists the chance to interact with their followers. It’s a promotion tool that boosts their online presence as well as revenue generated from increased exposures. With an expansive music library and an endless array to choose from, audiences are treated to a variety of music across all genres!

The VMN Music™ platform also plays host to podcasts, radio stations, and more, making it an all-round channel for everything music and entertainment.

157 Countries

Truly global, VMN Music boosts clients and users in over 157 countries around the world

85K+ Users

VMN Music reaches more than 85K+ monthly users/subscribers and growing rapidly.

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