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Who We Are

Vibes Media Network LTD or VMN Global™ is a Media Company focused on offering exceptional products and services to end-users, from individuals to organizations; through innovative technology and a shared commitment to brand building and portfolio management. With clients spanning the globe, VMN Global™ fosters an interactive platform dedicated to providing timely digital business solutions and quality entertainment content for a global audience. 

Our mission: Connecting People and Passion; Promoting Talent and Vision.

Our Values: We at VMN Global™ pride ourselves on being very responsive to both the current needs of our clients, as well as to innovations that take us well beyond their expectations.

Our Services: Sales & marketing, advertising & promotion, broadcasting, news, web & graphic design, web hosting & digital media, online event hosting.

Vibes Media Network LTD is a registered company in England and Wales and VMN Global™ is a registered service mark. | All material herein © 2020 VMN Global™, all rights reserved.